Yoga is one of those words that has infinite depth and a myriad of facets to explore. Union. Awareness. Balance. Consciousness. Presence. …and so on.

Words may point in the right direction, however, they often fall short of direct experience. The kinesthetic experiences from practicing yoga provided me with a new source of revelations, connection, and fulfillment. i found great joy in using the body as a practical means to explore the abstract, spiritual, and mysterious.

In the West, the context of yoga is strongly associated with the physical practice of poses called āsanas. Traditionally, yoga is a practice of multiple limbs, including not only āsana, but also ethics, breathing, energy, meditation, and faith. The goal of simultaneously practicing all the limbs of yoga is to unite the individual self with the Universal Self or Supreme Being. What other traditions call God, Enlightenment, Allah, Great Spirit, etc.

There are many roads that lead to the Source; and the Source is known by many names—but the unnamable cannot be named. i choose to teach yoga because physical practice helps to balance over-intellectualization, and bypasses some of the limitations of words, labels, and language. Much conflict in the world can be subverted by looking beyond the labels, language, and appearances that separate; instead, looking deeper for the commonalities.

Cultivating embodiment develops presence and awareness in yourself—harmonizing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of human existence. Presence and awareness are the source of connection, compassion, peace, wisdom, and so forth. The more you are connected with yourself, the more you are able to connect with others. All humans have two things in common: we have a body that houses the soul, and the Earth is home to the body.

Life is a continuous process of leaning. Through duality, unity is discovered. Balance is found by testing extremes. Yoga is the union of opposing forces. No matter what culture we come from or language we speak, we all have a body in which we can practice and learn.

Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

May all beings live in love, peace, joy, truth, wisdom, and unity!